When you think of sea serpents, you probably think of the Loch Ness Monster.

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However, legends of sea serpents are in many other places throughout the world, including right here in Western New York.

According to WGRZ, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario has had serpent legends for years -- Lake Erie has had reports of a "serpent" as late as the 90's. The serpent is nicknamed Bessy.

Lake Ontario's is called the "Serpent of Ontario," which has had its legend go back many, many years.

Even rivers, Silver Lake and Erie Canal has had their own legends and reports.

There's even a famous legend of a serpent living in a small pond in Alabama, New York. It's known as Spirit Lake or Spirit Pond and legend of a serpent living there has been around for a very long time -- even though it's only the size of a football field.

However, the pond is known to be deep and murky, with a soft, bottomless floor.

Then there's Niagara Falls.

A legend of a monster at the base of the Niagara Falls that would supposedly feed on people coming to close. Legend said the monster could only be killed by a young man with a bow-and-arrow with a white arrowhead.

What's strange is that it is said that a large vertebrate embedded with a white arrowhead was found during construction of the power plant by Niagara Falls.

Chances are there are no sea serpents living in these bodies of water, but just like Bigfoot, people are extremely fascinated by these legends and that's what fuels imagination.

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