Have you heard of any of these old wives' tales?

This morning we talked about how my wife went to get a pedicure and the guy at the salon told her that she was too close to her due date, and could not massage the bottom of her feet during the pedicure. The guy who was going to do the nail painting said that he believed in an old wives' tale that said if you rub a pregnant lady's feet too close to the due date, it could induce labor.

Some people say this is actually true, while others do not believe it.

But, it got us thinking: what are some other wives' tales about finding out the gender of a baby? There were a lot of them, but here are some of the most interesting wives tales about finding out a baby's gender that we heard this morning:

(Even if you do not want to find out the gender of your baby before it comes, it is still pretty fun to guess anyway, isn't it?)

Wvies Tales To Tell The Gender Of Your Unborn Child!

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