The 3 Other Names The Buffalo Bills Almost Were
Imagine the Buffalo Bills not being the Buffalo Bills.
First off, if you have ever thought why we are actually the Buffalo Bills, we have you covered. What actually is a Bill?
Well, in 1947 the then-Buffalo football team held a contest and wanted fan submissions to pick a nickname for their …
Top Baby Names
What are cool and unique baby names? Nameberry just released the biggest and hottest baby names for 2015. This years top names were based on literary characters. Creator of Nameberry, Pamela Satran explained,
Esme and Kai are both names we've seen quietly gathering steam over the past few years.…
Baby-Naming Laws
In the United States, you can name your kid almost anything. There is one tiny guideline that you may not know about naming your baby in America, though.
That is nothing compared to some of the strict rules that other countries have for parents on naming their children...

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