The temperatures have been frigid this week and perhaps you have felt or witnessed an interesting and rare phenomenon? Introducing, the ice quakes!

According to the report from a meteorologist in Nashville,

A “frost quake,” also known as an “ice quake” or cryoseism, occurs when the ground is saturated with water or ice.

A rapid drop in temperature causes the saturated ground to quickly freeze. When the water underground suddenly freezes into ice, it then expands, causing the surrounding soil and rock to crack, producing a loud noise, known as a “frost quake.”

The temperatures on Wednesday morning were holding at around zero degrees and the biggest issue we face, beyond the icy roads, is old water main pipes blowing after the ground heaves.

The last time I recall feeling an actual earthquake in Buffalo, I was sitting in the dentist chair. The dentist was doing the work when the chair and everything in the room started to shake. The dentist asked if I was nervous or moving and I told him no "I think it's an earthquake?"

The temperatures are expected to start to rise all across the country and although it won't feel like spring anytime soon around Buffalo, parts of Texas will be back in to the 50's before Sunday. A welcomed change after a devastating week of bitter temperatures in the Lonestar State.

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