It's amazing what some people can do with art.  This lady is one of them.  She makes pancake creations every week to get ready for the Bills new opponents.

Are you one of those people who are embarrassed to admit how much time you spend on the app Tik Tok?  Don't feel bad.  Most of us that use the app will probably say the same thing.  It's a pretty addicting thing to do.  You sit down and "check" it for a second...before you know it, you've spent hours watching nothing at all.

One person that I've had come up on my "For You" page lately is a huge Bills fan and she will make your jaw drop with some of the things she can do with a griddle and some pancake batter.

Her name on Tik Tok is Julia Making Meaning (@juliamakingmeaning) and she deserves sooo many more followers.

Over the last couple weeks she's made quick Tik Toks of her making pancakes that resemble the logos of the Bills' opponents (except for the Pittsburgh Steelers).  In every single one of the videos that she's released (except for a video where she's making apple crisp using Wegman's ice cream), she's wearing Bills gear!

I'm not saying that her pancakes are the Bills' lucky charm and I'm not blaming her by any means...but the only game they've lost (so far) is the one where she didn't make a pancake.  So I'm hoping we can get her some more follows and that she keeps making the pancakes so that they keep winning.  Yeah...I'm superstitious like that.

Check out some of her creations here.

She even recreated the "Josh Allen drawn Buffalo."

@juliamakingmeaningA little Saturday brunch fun. ‍♀️Obvs I had to do this one for Josh. ##iykyk ##pancakeart ##billsmafia ##letsgobuffalo ##buffalove ##joshallen♬ TWINNEM - Coi Leray

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