She's a real beaut Clark...a real beaut.  While it's not crazy with lights, the inflatables certainly are a sight to see.  They've been called the Cheektavegas Griswolds and they're filled with Christmas spirit!

Katie Morse and Ed Dranch from WKBW found the home of the McPhee family on Losson Road in Cheektowaga and wanted to share their story with you.

They've been collecting these inflatables for years now and it's starting to get a little crowded in that yard.  We are talking years and years of gifts, and purchases adding up to 43 inflatables in their front yard.

But every single one of them has a story to tell.


And you thought your electric bill was high...The McPhee's end up spending around $600 in December and $500 in January to show off their display.

Have you ever seen a display as big as this?  Where is the biggest display that you've seen?


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