Thank God for our law enforcement officers.

A 2 year old girl went missing in South Bristol, New York (which is closer to the Rochester and Finger Lake Region) and Trooper Brian Hotchkiss found her sitting on a rock, in the middle of a stream. She was cold, but said to be okay.

There was no exact word on exactly how she went missing, but it took law enforcement officers about an hour to find her. The New York State Police took to Facebook to post a picture of the great news and the picture was met with much appreciation and heart warming comments for Officer Hotchkiss....and over seven thousand shares!

You can see in the picture below him carrying her out of the woods with her coat covered over her.

The Facebook caption read: "On Saturday, Troopers from SP Canandaigua assisted the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office in a search for a missing two-year-old in the town of South Bristol".

On Clay and Company we always talk about how much respect for folks that are police officers or fire fighters. They have to go into situations that some of us would never dare to do. In fact, there was a mayday after a three alarm fire on Bailey in Buffalo at the Bowl Inn where some firefighters were taken to the hospital. Thank you to all who protect and serve!

If you ever want to volunteer to serve your town here is a list to help you get more information!

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