With the growing number of victims coming forth with stories of their experiences of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in the Buffalo Catholic Diocese, Bishop Richard Malone on Friday released a video entitled "Consider This" to apologize on behalf of the Diocese for these acts.  The video appeared on Diocesan social media and on the Buffalo Catholic Diocese's website.

A former priest freely admitted in a story that appeared in the Buffalo News a few weeks ago that he had sexual relations with a number of young men and boys when he was a young priest.  That story prompted an ever growing list of victims to tell their stories which in turn put pressure on the Diocese to release the names of the priests accused of sexual abuse and to explain what the current status of these priests is.

In addition to the apology, Bishop Malone expresses shame and distress within the Diocese and appeals to other victims to come forward.  He also explains the response the Buffalo Catholic Diocese has had in identifying the priests involved in these cases.

The Bishop also appeals to Catholics to "keep the faith which I know right now may be pretty strained."


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