He attends Akron Central School, he's 9 years old and he's this week's Good Kid of the Week.  Congratulations to Hector Molina.

His mom says Hector is always thinking of others.  When his school raised money for a teacher who has ALS Hector emptied his piggy bank and donated it.  When they were out shopping together he found a dollar bill on the floor and put it in a bin for Juvenile Diabetes.

When his mom had to work late one night Hector made sure to tuck his younger brother into bed and that he had all his favorite stuffed animals with him.  And when they go places Hector always holds the door open for not his own family but even strangers.  He's a true gentleman.

And those are good enough reasons to make Hector Molina our Good Kid of the Week.  He wins a WYRK Good Kid t-shirt courtesy of Custom Tee Identity Ink in Kenmore and a Big Hero 6 prize pack including a back pack, kite, keychain, pencil bag and a Big Hero t-shirt.


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