Next time you see someone pulled over on the Youngmann Highway you can be certain it'll be adding to the Town of Amherst's hefty haul in traffic fine money.  Amherst pulls in so much money from traffic fines it ranks fourth in the state among all towns and villages.

Amherst pulled in more than $3-million dollars in traffic revenue in 2015.  Only three other towns in the state, all in the New York City area pulled in more.

With two interstates traveling thru Amherst, town police and state troopers patrol both the I-290 and I-990 and that's largely why Amherst pulls in so much money.

I-290 also runs thru the Town of Tonawanda and helps in that town's $2.1-million traffic fine haul.  Tonawanda ranks 12th in the state.

The complete story appears in Tuesday's Buffalo News.

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