3272 people in Western New York have jumped on board already to help support.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event when Buffalo will host the 11 Day Power Play. The 40 players won't stop playing hockey for 11 days straight with the goal of raising $1 MILLION. Sleeping there. Eating there. Living there. All from June 22 to July 3 while breaking the world record and rallying behind Roswell for cancer research.

I'll be down there most of the days at Harborcenter with Amber cheering on #20. Every amount helps--big or small. Lets let the rest of the country know why this is one of the best cities in America.

We all know someone who has been affected by cancer is some way.  My cousin, Jill Dzwigal (age 17), and brother-in-law, Gary Dudas (age 30 with 3 children), passed away from cancer at a very young age never getting a chance at the opportunities or experiences I have today.  My mother in-law, Joan Nero, also succumb to cancer.  I am playing in their honor.  It's a terrible disease having a negative impact on so many lives.  Tremendous strides have been made in the fight against cancer over the past decade.  I am determined to make a difference.


We are fortunate to have a top cancer and research hospital such as Roswell Park Cancer Institute in our community.  People all over the world travel here for first rate treatment.  I will help raise critically-needed funds for cutting-edge cancer research.  Please help me do that by supporting my efforts in the 11 Day Power Play.   It may someday save the life of someone close to you or me.

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