If you were stranded on the street somewhere in New York state, how likely is it that someone would stop to help you?

New York City isn't known for having the friendliest people.  It's not to say they aren't friendly.  It's just that's not the first thing people think about.  New Yorkers have a bit of a rough around the edges type of stereotype about them. But what about the rest of NY? If you were in need of some help somewhere in the rest of the state, would you get it?

According to a new study...probably.

The study was done thanks to Gunther Volvo Cars Daytona Beach.  They polled over 7,000 (small sample size...I know) to see how many of them would stop to pick up a neighbor if they found them stranded on the street.  They broke it down state by state to see how many of them would, and in New York, it's about 25% of people who say they would NOT stop to help someone.  So...75% of the people would stop?  That's not too bad!


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Now, you might look at that number and think, "Man, people are brutal these days. How could 25% of the people refuse to stop to help someone who needs it?"  But from a personal safety standpoint, can you really blame them?  How many times have you heard about someone who stops to help a person out and instead gets robbed, assaulted, or worse?

New York wasn't the worst state either.  You don't want to find yourself on the side of the road in Mississippi.  40% of people there say they would just drive right by if they saw you stranded. The state where you're most likely to get help - Nebraska.  94% of the people there say they would stop.

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