Labor day has come and gone, which means one thing for parents and kids...the school year is about to begin! With all the last minute summer get together's, events, and soaking up every last bit of that summer sun, maybe you haven't been able to get all the back to school shopping accomplished?

Well rest easy, but don't actually rest, get moving!  WKBW shared the "Top 5 best tips to follow for last minute school shopping".

Tip #1: Make a list- write down what is needed right now and what can wait until there's a sale.

Tip #2: See what's leftover- Odds are your child or children have supplies they didn't use last year, so save some cash and use it this year. Paper is paper, I promise none of the other kids will know its "last year's model".

Tip #3:- Spread out shopping- Find deals! Use that handy list you made and check out what stores have deals going on. Many stores have better deals after the school year has started.

Tip #4: Divide & Conquer- A lot of supplies are sold in multiples or in balk, Get together with a friend or another parent and split the cost. Don't over buy!

Tip #5: Use apps- Technology is a great thing, find coupons, and use them. Apps are right on your phone, and there's a ton of apps that can save you money, every little bit helps!

Hopefully this helps get you on your way to finishing this years school shopping. Have a great and safe school year!

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