UPDATE: according to Tappo's Facebook page, the Greenhouse and Igloo dining are still being offered as outdoor dining!

We only get so many months of the year here in Western New York to enjoy outdoor dining, when the weather is warm. Granted, the weather this week across the area is expecting temperatures in the 60's and 70's, but considering it's November, the cold will take over for good until the spring very soon.

You may have seen "igloo" dining in the past in Buffalo and if you're wondering if that's going to be a thing again this winter, the answer is yes!

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According to Step Out Buffalo, there will be two restaurants offering igloo dining in Buffalo this year.

The first is Tappo Pizza at Thin Man Brewery.

Located at Chandler Street, they are currently accepting booking requests for their igloo dining until March 31st, 2020. The booking costs $250 and fits up to 8 people for a two-hour window, with drinks and food.

The second is Tappo on Ellicott Street.

This igloo experience is on the roof with a great view of the nearby city. If you want a basic package, it includes two bottles of wine, a warm beverage, salad, two dinners and dessert.

This might be a great Christmas gift for my fiancée, so hopefully she doesn't read this...

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