You can blame HGTV for giving you so much motivation to take on projects in your house. They make it look so easy and have a whole house flipped in under an hard can it be to flip my living room?

In a study from, it was found that the average American has NINE unfinished DIY projects in their home at any one time! This is crazy but if you really think about probably not that hard to believe. The most common unfinished projects? Painting, remolding your bathroom and replacing the carpet.

According to,

"Fifty-five percent agreed they try to tackle a maintenance issue or home-improvement project themselves rather than call a professional, yet only 31% said their DIY projects were completed without major problems. In fact, a third of participants said they’d started a job and given up halfway through."

It seems like it's not as easy as it looks on TV. Maybe when starting your next DIY project, start small or make sure your DIY partner really knows what they're doing!

Where do you fall in this study? Do you have unfinished projects at your house?


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