Someone jumped on the chance, when the Key Bank-First Niagara merger was in the initial stage, to start the Twitter account @Keybankcenter. Obviously, knowing that once it was official, nobody, not even the Buffalo Sabres, could have it – not easily anyway.

It's no secret, many people want an exact handle that has already been taken. The easiest way to solve it? Offer them money. Here's the catch...

You cannot "sell" a Twitter handle. 

What you have to do is go on a long-term consulting contract that pays $15k as a signing bonus and then $1/yr in perpetuity. Your sole "job" is to provide the Twitter handle.

Oddly enough, if the company goes under you still own the handle.

If you do just "sell" it you are in violation of Twitter's TOS, and they can simply take it, in which case the acquiring company may require the cash back. I've seen personal accounts (which usually go unnoticed) for $50 or $250 and companies offer up to $20,000.

Who knows if the guy would actually make Pegula pay though. Here is one of his responses after someone talked about the sale of the handle.

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