How do you measure success? If it's by how happy you are, then you may have to ask for a raise today!

According to a report filed by Metro Source News:

Ninety-five-thousand dollars seems to be the perfect salary for personal satisfaction...individuals making this amount each year are best able to balance their work and personal lives. The study also suggests that earning between 60-thousand and 75-thousand dollars lends to emotional well-being.

The older I get, the less I need material things to be happy. For me, watching our son Hank run around the backyard or learning new things has made me happy these days. Happy hours have been replaced with trips to the park or walks through the neighborhood.


In the United States, the average household income is about 65-thousand-dollars and 75-percent of workers earn less than 75-thousand-dollars.

Source: Newsweek and Metro Source News

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