Every year PNC puts out the CPI (Christmas Price Index) to see how much the beloved 12 Days of Christmas items would cost if you purchased them all in the current year. Unfortunately, the CPI has risen just a bit for this year but the good news is that it was only by 0.6%. Here's run down of what each day would cost you in 2017!

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    A Partridge In A Pear Tree

    Day One this year will cost you $219.95, that’s up 4.7% from 2016.

    This uptick in price is all on the Pear Tree's increase (+5.2% from $189.99 to $199.95), while the Partridge remains the same

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    Two Turtle Doves

    Day Two will cost you $375.00 this, which is what it cost in 2016.

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    Three French Hens

    Day Three stays the same for another year. It’s still going well for the French Hens, which will cost you $181.50 in 2017.

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    Four Calling Birds

    Day Four will set you back $599.96 but the good news is that’s exactly what it cost in 2016.

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    Five Gold Rings

    Day Five will set you back a little more in 2017. The demand for Gold Rings has gone up and therefor the price has risen 10% from last year. Five of them will set you back $825.00.

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    Six Geese-A-Laying

    Day Six has stayed the same and geese are a-plenty. For the gaggle it will cost you $360.00 this year.

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    Seven Swans-A-Swimming

    Day Seven while steady is still insane! The swans are going to set you back $13,125.00 in 2017!

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    Eight Maids-A-Milking

    Day eight will give your pocketbook a break and it comes at the same from as 2016 at $58.00. This reflects the current minimum wage that hasn’t changed since 2009.

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    Nine Dancers Dancing

    Day Nine brings in the dancers and dance companies did not raise wages or prices for the fifth year in a row, so the dancers will set you back $7,552.84 in 2017.

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    Ten Lords-A-Leaping

    Day Ten brings in a slight increase to the men that go a flyin'. Up 2% from 2016 coasting you a cool $5,618.90.

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    Eleven Pipers Piping

    Day Eleven brings the steady stream of Pipers that cost the same as 2016 price. These musicians will set you back $2,708.40 this year.

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    Twelve Drummers Drumming

    Day Twelve rounds off your spending with the Drummers. Fortunately for you they’re keeping the same beat as 2016. The last of your spending winds down at $2,934.10