From the Dream House to the White House, there's an outstanding female candidate ready to take on all the challenges of 2020, and at the same time, inspire girls everywhere to strive for leadership positions as they grow up.

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The new line features a diverse group of the dolls, and each has her own role: candidate, campaign fundraiser, campaign manager, and voter.

In a press release issued by Mattel, the company said it was important to show women in leadership positions in different aspects of the democratic process, from candidate to voter, and the other leadership roles of managing a political campaign.

"Since 1959, Barbie has championed girls and encouraged them to be leaders whether in the classroom, community or someday, of the country,” said Lisa McKnight, SVP and Global Head of Barbie & Dolls, Mattel.

This is Barbie's seventh run for office since 1992, and the set includes dolls of different ethnicities, to remind all girls that a leader can look like them, too.

“With less than a third of elected leaders in the U.S. being women, and Black women being even less represented in these positions, we designed the Barbie Campaign Team with a diverse set of dolls to show all girls they can raise their voices. Our goal is to remove barriers to leadership by giving girls the tools to imagine and play out their future roles.”

Mattel is also teaming up with She Should Run, a non-partisan group that supports women who want to run for public office. According to a press release from the company, "66% of adults surveyed observed an increased perception in leadership potential in children who role-play."

There are additional educational resources, such as play ballots, printable activities, and prompts for girls to write their own campaign speeches on the official Barbie Campaign website.  The Barbie Campaign Team -- sold as a set --  is available for $39.99.

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