I remember as a child in Texas we would always take a ride and look for Santa before bed. We knew we would be able to see him or his sleigh but we knew we would be able to see Rudolph's nose. As soon as we spotted him we would "race" back and get in our beds fast! If only the internet was a thing we could have saved gas, but actually I like the low tech version better!

Google is out to help you leading up to the big day and when Santa take flight! Google Santa Tracker is filled with games and videos to keep your kids in the spirit and busy while they wait for the big day! On Christmas Eve their Santa Tracker will be up and tracking his deliveries!


NORAD also tracks Santa and even has a sweet online set up as well! Known as the original Santa Tracker, NORAD has been tracking Santa for everyone since 1955! From stories, history and videos to games and interaction, NORAD's site has you covered leading up to the big day and of course, on the night itself!