If you're thinking of Turkey, you are wrong! Shocking right, because it's not Thanksgiving without one but that doesn't mean it has to be your favorite! According to a survey from Meyocks, Turkey doesn't even make the list!

Here are the top food items people look forward to:

  1. Mash Potatoes
  2. Pie (Pumpkin being the favorite)
  3. Rolls
  4. Gravy
  5. Green Beans

I can get down with all of these delicious dishes! Meyocks has some other really cool stats on the upcoming holiday as well. They also found that 62% of younger Americans will plan more than one Thanksgiving meal! The reason for the two holidays is likely because more and more people are celebrating Friendsgiving. However,  the thing people are most thankful for this holiday season is,

  • family (53%)
  • health (21%),
  • friends (9%)
  • food (7%)

So here's to great holiday season and many Thanksgiving meals!

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