One of the most convenient aspects about driving around Buffalo, is that you can get anywhere in 15 minutes. However, there are certain places around Western New York that you might find a bit confusing when you are trying to merge from road to road.

I drive from downtown Buffalo to the Southtowns every day and the merge from Oak Street to the 190 N. always brings a bit of confusion for other drivers.

For whatever reason, the lanes shift down to one to take you to the 190 S. there is also a portion that splits to the 190 N. Many drivers don’t understand that there’s a left turn lane as well to take you on to Seneca Street. That means if I am trying to get onto the 190 southbound I try to stay in the second lane from the left and then merge to the on-ramp after Seneca Street. Just about every single day someone tries to cut me off from the left lane and just assume that I am going onto the 190 N. There really is no clear indication as to who is right or wrong. Perhaps there should be a left arrow on the road for the left lane turning to Seneca Street?

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The only other spot in western New York that I find to have confusion especially during the afternoon drive home, is the merge between the 90 eastbound and the 33. It always backs up in that spot because drivers can’t seem to figure out who gets the right of way during the merge.

The way I see it, the engineers for the roads in western New York, and around the country for that matter, have traffic flow in mind when they design the roadways. That is to say that they are designed to keep traffic flowing not for anyone to stop. If everyone would just pay attention and abide by the rules of the road, and have a little bit of courtesy, we can all get home on time!

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