Western New York reached a big milestone with Phase 3 reopening on Tuesday (which includes bars and restaurants, along with the DMV), but what about Phase 4?

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It seems that there's some uncertainty what exactly can open under Phase 4. What we do know is it includes arts, entertainment and recreation -- along with education, according to New York State's website.

Recreational places might include movie theaters, and Regal announced on Tuesday they plan to reopen on July 10th.

It could also include museums and performing venues, although it's still too early to tell if concert venues and other performing centers could open up in two weeks as part of Phase 4.

Another place people are wondering about are gyms. According to WGRZ, the YMCA will be part of Phase 4, which could mean other gyms will be as well. The YMCA will be opened in phases, however.

The Town of Amherst Supervisor says the town pools will be opened for general swimming and swimming lessons on July 6th. Orchard Park playgrounds and parks will reopen on June 27th.

In any event, places such as movie theaters, gyms and museums will have major capacity restrictions when they do open, which should be Phase 4 but official word needs to come from the state and counties.

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