This drove me nuts for weeks and I finally popped and took crap into my own hands (haha almost literally).

We live on the corner of our street, so there's a stop sign right by our a house and there was constantly new poop--sometimes by the stop sign and sometimes on my front lawn. It got to the point that I kept a shovel outside so that I could easily scoop it up and throw it in the woods across the street.

Then recently, I caught the guy. I was upstairs and I watched it happened and I froze and didn't say anything, but I walked outside and watched this guy and his dog walk to his house--6 houses down on the same side.

So, I picked it up with a shovel and whipped it back on his front porch. People were telling me that if he called the cops I may get in trouble, but I had to make a point--I don't have a dog for a reason--I don't want to clean up after a dog let alone someone else's.

I thought that was nice considering some of the other suggestions that I got today, wouldn't you say?

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