With a new president being sworn into office soon, the White House will need to be cleaned and ready. Cleaning the carpets is a massive job any year. But during a pandemic, the job becomes even more challenging and expensive.

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Many of the carpets in the White House are old and some are antique. Cleaning them can't be easy as they require a delicate touch.
When was the last time you cleaned the carpets in your house? Here in WNY, most of us remove our shoes when we enter the house and certainly when we enter someone else's. I had a professor in college who found that interesting. She felt that carpets were the reason that most leave their shoes on in other parts of the country. But the issue for the Western New York area is the amount of road salt and sand that can be tracked most of the year. It is not only harmful to the carpeting in the house, but for the hardwood flooring that is found in many of the houses in our area.

Joe Biden's inauguration is just days away and the United States will have a fresh president and fresh carpets in the most coveted address in the country.

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