Movie theaters are one huge attraction people are waiting on reopening here in Western New York (and the rest of New York State).

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There's still no word on when exactly they will be allowed to reopen by the state, but we know what to expect once that happens.

According to USA Today, all major movie theaters have plans and guidelines in place for that reopening date.

AMC Theaters:

  • AMC will reopen in mid-to-late August.
  • Guests will be required to wear masks at all times; only removing them while eating or drinking.
  • Disposable masks will be available for $1 if you come without one.
  • Auditoriums' capacity will be reduced to 30% or based on state/local municipality guidelines.
  • Moviegoers encouraged to leave an empty seat between their party and other guests.
  • Cash won't be accepted at concession stands.
  • Credit, debit or gift cards are preferred for payment.
  • Limited number of concessions will be available.

Regal Cinemas:

  • Reopening date: August 21st (NYS also has to approve to reopen in WNY).
  • Guests will be required to wear masks in the lobby, hallways and restrooms, but can remove them while eating in the auditorium.
  • Auditorium capacity will be reduced to 50% or depending on state and county mandates.
  • Group sizes will be limited.
  • Two empty seats between parties.
  • Cashless concession payments will be preferred.
  • Tickets will be available to buy on their app before moviegoers go to the theater, but cash and credit will be accepted.
  • Every other concession stand register will be closed with a reduced menu.

Dipson Theaters have already put up Plexiglas barriers up at concession stands and the Aurora Theatre has a plan in place to leave empty seats in their theaters.

However, New York State will release their own guidelines for movie theaters, so these current guidelines from movie theaters companies might get tweaked to meet state requirements.


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