The snow continues to fly south of Buffalo and it is really piling up! Both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are wide open and have very little if any, ice on them. As the winds blow across the warm, open water, the snow builds and there are some impressive numbers this week.

There are two towns in the southern portion of Erie County and northern Cattaraugus County that always seem to get the most lake effect snow and it holds true for this current snowstorm. The totals below are as of late Tuesday evening. The snow was still flying in both locations on Wednesday.



I love the snow but have to admit that cleaning the snow off the truck for the last three mornings has been annoying. It sure is pretty and I love playing with the kids in the snow after work. But to look out the window from the house at 3:30 am and see a few inches had fallen overnight gets old after the second day. I sure am jealous of those who can park their vehicle in a garage or barn or shop overnight!

It looks like we are going to receive another burst of snow this Friday in the ski hills south of Buffalo. It is a welcomed forecast for those who ski/board and for those who snowmobile. It has been a rough start to winter with mild temperatures and rain for the better part of this January.

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