We're still four days out from the Bills AFC Divisional Round playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens in Orchard Park but already there are forecasts calling for snow showers during the game this Saturday night.

Let's be honest, snow games are fun. The 2017 Bills-Colts game was one of the most memorable in NFL history for "bad weather games" and it reminds you of how much fun you had playing in the snow as a kid.

Yes, we're in Buffalo and we should want a good snow game, but there's a good reason to NOT want that for this playoff game on Saturday.

The Bills have one of the best offenses in the NFL and probably the best passing offense behind the Kansas City Chiefs. If it should snow significantly during the game, that would be trouble for the Bills' high-flying passing game.

On the other side, the Ravens are the opposite. They are a running offense with dual-threat quarterback Lamar Jackson (fastest quarterback in the league) and a host of running backs who get plenty of carries every game. The chances for a run-heavy game go way up in a snow game, which should benefit Baltimore more than Buffalo.

The good news is that Allen probably has the strongest arm in football, so passing wouldn't be impossible, but if you ask me, we want a good weather game for the Bills so they can run their offense as usual.

If it does snow, hopefully, it's a dusting or minor accumulation at the most. We need to see Allen airing the ball out on Saturday night!

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