The summer is just about here and the next time you fire up the grill in your backyard, you may be spending more for those burgers and steaks.

A cyber attack has taken place on one of the biggest suppliers of meat in the United States!

It was reported and confirmed this week that

A cyberattack affecting one of the world’s largest meat producers, JBS SA, has also hit the U.S. division of the company

This past fall, we decided to take advantage of an offer from a local farmer and buy a half of a beef cow. It was totally worth is and is something that I would recommend for anyone with a larger family. As a matter of fact, the Erie County Fair will be taking place this August and the 4H will be hosting it's annual livestock auctions. It is a great way for you to fill the freezer and help the agriculture community in the Western New York area!

The weather is going to get very warm and as of Wednesday, the weekend looks great! Get those grills fired up!

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