Are your eyes extra itchy? Are you sneezing a lot? You're not alone! Allergies are going nuts right now and there is a reason for it. Two allergy seasons are overlapping right now.

In a report from WGRZ, Dr. Green, and Allergist with the Buffalo Medical Group, states,

"Spring is usually tree pollen - that's late late April and early May. Then from early May through July 4 is when grass pollen is present".

Well because of Spring's late start because of the cooler weather and then May on record as one of the warmest Mays in 150 years, you could say the pollens are confused and now blooming at the same time.

Here's what Dr. Green told WGRZ about how the weather messed with the bloom,

"April was such a cooler, heavy rain month, and then we had May, so the tree pollen didn't come out as early and then when it started to come out it came out at the same time as grass pollen was coming out so you had a convergence of tree and grass pollen at the same time."

If you're being hit on both sides with allergies just hang on a little longer. The higher levels should on last through the first week of July.

Read the full story from WGRZ here.

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