There are some things that are better left alone and one of them is a snapping turtle.

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I love the outdoors. But one of the things that I have always had a semi-irrational fear of is a snapping turtle being in the pond when I am swimming or fishing. You hear lots of crazy stories about the size of them and how they have enough power to snip your fingers off if they get ahold of you!

In this Tik Tok video, the girl puts her finger in the mouth of the turtle and although it is not as large as some of the legendary turtles you hear about, it still seems to have a painful bite!

I have seen some big turtles crossing the road in the rural areas around Western New York. The turtles are on the move in the early summer as they are nesting in the high grass near swamps and ponds.

The pandemic has brought lots of new pets in to homes. From puppies to fish, there has been a run on pets as people are trying to find ways to pass the time while they avoid COVID-19. Turtles seem to be easy keepers but I would recommend that you get one from a pet store and not the wild.

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