Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain quoted a ’Pokemon”  movie as he suspended his campaign today.

According to Cain said  “I believe these words came from the Pokémon movie, Life can be a challenge. Life can seem impossible. It’s never easy when there’s so much on the line. But you and I can make a difference. There’s a mission just for you and me….Just look inside and you will find just what you can do.”

Herman Cain has used those lines before, stating they came from a poet, instead of from a  Donna Summer song called “The Power of One” that was in Pokemon, The Movie 2000. Today, being followed by allegations of sexual harassment and an extra-martial affair, all of which he denies, Mr. Cain gave the  movie  credit.

Cain  became prominent in the race for Republican Presidential nominee and  led for a while  in the polls on the strength of his “999″ plan to simplify the tax code. He denied that he gleaned the idea from the video game ‘Sim City’, which had featured its own “999″ tax plan.

Mr. Cain said today that he suspended his campaign “because of the continued distractions, the continued hurt caused on me and my family, not because we are not fighters. Not because I’m not a fighter.”

Pika Pika.

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