Bills fans knew that traffic around Highmark Stadium was going to be a lot different this season due to the construction of the new stadium, but woah

Less available parking led to long lines of vehicles and lots of headaches at the Buffalo Bills' home opener two weeks ago. Thousands who came to Orchard Park for the game were left confused and stressed about where to go and what to do.

The Bills are trying to get ahead of potential traffic problems for this week’s game against the Miami Dolphins, and are letting people know ahead of time about a hiccup that could cause a major delay in game-day travel.

ALERT: Avoid Using GPS To Get To The Buffalo Bills Game

In an email to their staff, the Buffalo Bills warned against using GPS on the way to Sunday’s game.

The majority of GPS apps and devices will direct you to Abbott Road to get to Highmark Stadium. But remember - a huge portion of Abbott Rd. is closed for several hours before kickoff every time the Bills play at home.

What does this mean? Well, drivers who follow the GPS directions to Highmark Stadium will most likely be rerouted, have to figure out an alternate way there, get stuck in massive traffic, and get to their tailgate or the game very, very late.

Considering this could be one of the most competitive games of the season, you definitely don't want to miss any of the action because of your stupid GPS.

Alternate Routes To Highmark Stadium

To avoid long arrival delays and frustrating traffic, the Bills are recommending that drivers ditch the GPS and use the following routes instead to get to their prospective parking lots.

Buffalo Bills/Canva
Buffalo Bills/Canva


  • Approach from the south side of the stadium via Big Tree Road westbound 
  • Turn on to Fieldhouse Drive 


  • Approach from the south side of the stadium via Big Tree Road eastbound 
  • Turn on to Erie College Drive, which will lead to the lot entrance. 


  • Approach from the south side of the stadium via Abbott Road northbound
  • Lot entrance is on the left


  • Approach from the north side of the stadium via Abbott Road southbound 
  • Turn on to Football Drive


  • Approach from the north side of the stadium via Southwestern Boulevard 
  • Turn on to Touchdown Drive


  • Approach from the north side of the stadium via Southwestern Boulevard westbound
  • Turn on to Stadium Drive

Although there’s bound to be lots of traffic around Highmark Stadium on Sunday regardless of whether or not you use a GPS, hopefully these new routes can get you to your tailgate spot quickly and easily. You won't want to have to turn around and find another way to the game because of massive traffic and closed roads.

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