1468 Route 78
1468 Route 78

There is a gorgeous house that is being sold in Java Center that comes with a church! It really is a beautiful set up that also includes just over two acres of land.

According to the listing, it is a two-story farmhouse that has had a makeover. The home was built in 1900 and the church is also included.

There are six bedrooms in this house and honestly, if we were in a different position in our lives, we would consider this one for our home. This has all the space a larger family could want and the Java Center area is one of the most picturesque in the Western New York area.

Because of the pandemic, there have been many families trying to adjust to a "new normal" and that may mean a new place to live. Being in a house with kids trying to learn remotely and mom and dad trying to work from home can be a challenge for anyone who owns a small home. This listing has 10,000 square feet of space!!!

Earlier in 2020, when the pandemic began, we would take family rides to the southern tier. It was a great way to pass the time and we found plenty of land for sale. If you are looking to spread out a little and get some country property, there seem to be for sale signs popping up in more rural areas.

A house with a church may not be for everyone, but the inside of this house is almost too amazing to pass up!

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