There are some fun things to do this summer across New York State! If your kids are saying that they are bored, it may be time to simply Google events in your town. But many kids are enjoying the time off from school and using the toys they have including hoverboards apparently. A fire in Western New York was sparked after a hoverboard caught fire.

Across the globe, the heat and humidity has gotten crazy this summer. From Texas to Italy, there are forecasts that call for temps as high as 115 degrees! The elderly, young kids and those who have breathing issues should be on alert.

Back here in the Empire State, it has been very warm but the big story from this past week is the rain and flooding in portions of the state.

However, fires are still a big concern during the summer and parents should be aware of the possible fire dangers within the home.

According to a report from Erie County Blotter Facebook page:

Clarence Center FD
Report of a hoverboard on fire
Lapp rd.
Caller states the hoverboard has been removed from the house, has damage to the floor and smoke in the house.
Holding with Engine 1 for ventilation. Fire was out on arrival, appliance removed from the structure.

The owner of the home in which the fire started stated that:

It was my home. It was charging on my kitchen floor. I suggest if you have a hover board to dispose of it. Luckily I was home when I heard a pop and saw smoke in my kitchen and realized it was coming from the hover board.

This is not a rare thing here in New York State. Other fires, some more destructive, have been caused by the chargers on hoverboards.

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