I have never officially hunted for bears. Truth is, I have only seen one in my life when I was in the woods and it was a big sow during the spring about 200 yards away.Now they are showing up in residential areas like Williamsville.

One of my dreams has been to bear hunt in Alaska. Mostly because I like the idea of being in Alaska. The thrill of being on a bear hunt is just added value. If you have been following the news, there has been a big increase in the amount of bear sightings all over WNY.The Department of Environmental Conservation has released the numbers from 2010 bear hunting in New York.It confirms what we already thought.There are many more bears statewide!

A year ago Channel 4 ran a story about  What To Do If Bears Are In Your Yard.

Additional information about bears in New York State can be found on DEC's Site. For more information or to report a black
bear sighting, please call DEC’s wildlife office at (716) 372-0645.

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