It was a record breaking day on Monday for most places in Western New York as we saw temperatures well in to the 70's! While we are expected to get back to normal this week, it sure was good to get outside and get things done without freezing.

Monday afternoon, it seemed like everyone was out walking, grilling and having fun in the sunshine. Motorcycles were everywhere and the beeper frogs were chirping. All great signs of what is coming, eventually.

This mild stretch of weather has also brought drier than normal conditions and residents have been using the good weather to clean up the sticks and trees that were toppled from the strong winds of January. Burning them now is fine. However, a deadline is looming here in New York State.

Here in New York State, in an effort to protect precious forests, woodlands and local residences, there is an annual burn ban that is in place.

Annual burn ban is in effect from March 16 through May 14.

The New York State DEC reminds everyone that although burning is a quick and efficient way to get rid of downed sticks, limbs and debris...

When you plan a fire, always check for fire danger in your area on DEC's online map (updated every week). Also, local governments may have stricter rules than NYS; your fire department will have information about local burning laws.

The weather is about to get colder and, for some, stay rather dry. Be smart and be safe and remember that March 16th will be here soon.

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