The Village of Depew's fate is in voters hands today as the long-anticipated vote on dissolving the 124-year-old village gets underway at noon.

The debate has been an emotional, long fight since the push began for dissolution last summer.

In a nutshell, here's the two sides:

Pro-dissolution advocates voice that the village can no longer afford to operate, while supporters of keeping Depew argue the services that the town provide will not be matched.

 With $8.24 million in debts, an upward spiraling tax levy and a 56 percent spike in spending since 2003, the dissolution advocates estimate  Depew taxpayers on the Cheektowaga side could save between $408 and $975 a year in taxes if the village government is eliminated, while those on the Lancaster side could save between $457 and $1,050", according to the Buffalo News.

Nearly every resident in Depew was given a flyer from a group looking to dissolve Depew within the past few weeks with their persuasion. In response, the Depew Fire Department and Police Department have responded why getting rid of the village would be a bad idea. Many jobs could be lost if the dissolution is approved.

Registered voters will vote from noon until 9 PM tonight.

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