Is it really worth it to be a Buffalo Bills or Sabres fan?  Plenty Bills and Sabres fans ask themselves that question every day.  But now it's been broken down and analyzed.

On average, how much does it cost to be a fan of your favorite team?

UC Berkeley’s Online Masters in Data Science program pulled the data together to decide that broke teams down to decide whether or not the fans were getting what they paid for and who had the biggest bang for their buck when it came to professional sports.

They looked at everything from how full the stadium was to how much the average beer and ticket cost.

The Bills and the Sabres were both below average but not the bottom of the barrel when it came to either of their sports.

The Bills actually did a little better in this study coming in 18th out of 32 teams (so just below average)

The Sabres were quite a bit lower at 24th out of 30 teams.  But hey...we were still above Toronto in this one.  ;)

Click here to check out the entire study.

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