The Buffalo Bills only have two games left in the 2021 regular season schedule, and the both will be played in the year 2022 at Highmark Stadium.

The first will be against the Atlanta Falcons today in Orchard Park. It will be the first time the Falcons have played in Orchard Park since September of 2005, since the previous Bills home game against the Falcons took place in Toronto in 2013.

The Bills are first in the AFC East after their big win last Sunday in Foxborough against the New England Patriots, 33-21. The Bills and Patriots are tied in overall record at 9-6, but hold the tiebreaker with New England based off division win percentage.

The Bills can clinch a postseason berth today. To be honest, there are multiple scenarios -- nine to be exact, but most of them involve a Bills tie, with other dominoes that have to fall, which is highly unlikely.

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The easiest way the Bills can clinch a playoff spot is with a win against the Atlanta Falcons this afternoon, and a Baltimore Ravens loss against the Los Angeles Rams.

So, if you're a Bills fan, obviously rooting for Buffalo is first and foremost, but also rooting for the Rams to beat the Ravens, who sit at the number eight seed in the AFC standings.

The Bills can also clinch a playoff berth with a win, plus a Los Angeles Chargers loss and a Las Vegas Raiders loss, but rooting for one team to lose vs. two is the easier way to look at things.

The Bills actually can't officially clinch the AFC East in week 17, but if they win today, they will be heavy favorites to do so as they face the New York Jets next Sunday at home to close out the regular season.

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