My son Avry is only a Freshman at Sweet Home, but we are using this time to help get him ready for when he heads off to college in a couple of years. While I failed pretty bad at helping him with Geometry, there was some stuff I learned in college that he could use.

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Both my wife Elizabeth and I went to SUNY Brockport and while I have a degree in Broadcasting and she has one in Anthropology, we figured we would pass on what we learned outside of class to our son during his COVID-19 Homeschooling with us.

This weekend we decided to teach our son the classic college game "Beer Pong"..Of course with him only being 14, we substituted the beer for water! Still, the kid has game!


Now that Beer pong is done, we moved on to Flip Cup! Which he was really good at too!! hahaha..He should be all set for college soon!


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