It seems like everyone at our office constantly is having the strangest car trouble.

Yesterday, a pen cap went into someone's car (they were trying to keep the valve open when putting gas in with a non-normal container after they ran out of gas). Today, someone ran out of windshield washer fluid. So, he decided that he would just put WATER in the fluid compartment.

Two bad things came out of that.

1.) It froze and he could not use it.

2.) When water freezes it expands and guess what happened? The plastic compartment that all of the windshield wiper fluid in is cracked. So, now there are two different issues.

How do you make your own windshield washer fluid?

Pour one gallon of distilled water into a two-gallon container with a cap.

Add one tablespoon of dish soap and one-half cup of ammonia. And shake and let sit for a little bit before putting it in your car. 

Now it is very important that you use these exact measurements because if you don't the mixture will freeze or in some cases, if you use too much soap, it will get too many suds and will be streaky on your windshield.

EXTRA: I think a lot of people in Buffalo do this, but do you know that you shouldn't really do that. Chris Owen put up a story about why not.

According to Dan Fisher, the assistant Buffalo fleet manager of AAA, popping up your wiper blades is a mistake.

"Windshield wipers are on springs, and leaving the blades up like that can stretch the springs over time, so they end up applying less pressure on the windshield, making them less effective."

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