The school year is just about over and the summer is just about to start! Here in New York State, a new law is also having a fresh start. This is some great news for moms and moms-to-be in New York.

Parents across New York State are getting ready to manage a busy and stressful summer schedule. From getting kids to camp (and paying for camp), to deciding where and when to take a family vacation, the summer is a bitter sweet time for moms and dads.

However, at least one stress that moms face is getting some attention as a new, and important, law is now in place here in New York State.

As of this week, a new law pertaining to breastfeeding moms is in underway here in New York State. According to reports, and a Tweet from Governor Kathy Hochul, employers must provide those workers 30 minutes of paid time so those individuals can pump breast milk.

In the post on "X" (Twitter) the Governor of New York State went on to endorse the new law by saying, "As New York’s first mom Governor, I’m fighting every day to make sure working parents have the support they need to keep their families healthy and strong".

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