Just last week we were talking about how Netflix was going to raise its prices.  Now it looks like Hulu wants to be the landing place for people who are ready to jump ship.

Is the phrase about to change?  Are people about to start saying, "wanna Hulu and chill?"

Maybe that's going a little far, but Hulu is definitely giving people a different option for their streaming service options.

When Netflix announced that they were going to raise their price, we asked on our facebook page how much was too much.  Many people said that enough was enough and they were ready to cancel.  The shows were all the same and that they were ready for something else.

Hulu has just offered to fill that void by lowering the price of their most basic service from $8 a month to just $6.

According to WIVB, the price of Hulu's live TV streaming service has increased though from $40 per month to $45 per month.

There is also a "no commercials" plan and that will remain the same at $11.99.

The prices will go into effect on February 26 for new subscribers and on the next billing cycle for existing customers.


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