The summer is almost officially over and the fall weather is starting to creep in. As the days get shorter and the leaves start to change, those who love to hunt are ready to get back in to the woods.

A Rise In Numbers Of Hunters

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of people who hunt has gone up here in New York State. Whether it is to fill the freezer before the long winter or to get some time with family and friends in the outdoors, hunting is very popular in the Empire State. If you are thinking about starting to hunt, you will need to get a license and you will need to take your hunter safety course.

Time Is Running Out

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation reminds potential hunters to take a course SOON so you don't miss out on your opportunity as these courses fill up quickly.

The Hunter Education Program teaches future hunters and trappers how to be safe, responsible, and ethical. After successful completion of a hunter education course or a trapper education course, students will receive a certificate of qualification necessary for purchasing a first-time hunting or trapping license. Bowhunter education and waterfowl hunter education courses are also available.

Take The Course Online

There are also ONLINE hunter education courses for those who can't get to an in-person course. I enjoyed the in-person course. Being around other hunters and hearing the stories in-person really made an impact on me. I can clearly remember taking my hunter education and bow hunter education classes in Elma.  I recommend in-person but understand the convenience of taking classes online.

A Family Tradition

I have been hunting since I was 14 and am getting ready for my 31st hunting season! What makes it even more special for me these days is getting to teach my three sons about hunting and the importance of conservation and respect for the outdoors and wildlife. I wish you all the best of luck this season!

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