Hunter Hayes's new music video for his his infectious hit 'Tattoo' is all about love, but with a secret weapon to try to win a beautiful gal's heart: graffiti. The singer talks about the storyline behind the video and also shares a sneak peek at the ultra-creative project.

Hayes combines graffiti and a retro stereo to mimic the feeling of "meeting that person you're crazy about," he tells People Country.

"With a song like 'Tattoo,' it's a very visual thing. Lyrically, the goal is to bring you to a place where all these artistic elements of inspiration come to life around you. So, for the video, rather than just explain how a relationship can inspire you, we wanted to go beyond the expected and make a musically inspired moment jump out of a two-dimensional space."

Enter: a graffiti artist.

"My goal is to always do something a little unexpected and different, but especially with this video, I wanted to challenge the imagination," Hayes says, explaining the premise for the 'Tattoo' video. "We brought in a graffiti artist … and we made this abandoned warehouse into a giant re-imagined boom box. When you see the video, though, even then you'll see this art piece of a graffiti artist come to life in a way even we couldn't imagine."

The short clip just gives a tiny glimpse into the hard work that went into Hayes' 'Tattoo' video, which fans will be able to see in full on July 28. And, if they're wondering why Hayes worked so hard on a new type of video, well, it was all for them.

"All of these elements are just pieces to the puzzle of trying to figure out how to bring the fans with the song to an entirely new place and feel it all with me," says the singer.

'Tattoo' is the second single off Hayes' new album 'Storyline,' which debuted in May.

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