Is it possible to have the best AND worst tattoo of all time?  It doesn't seem possible, but somehow this girl might have achieved it.

There are some tattoos that probably should have never made it to the ink-to-skin part of the process. we are.

I'm completely torn on this one.  Is this the worst Buffalo Bills tattoo ever?  Or is it the best?

Personally, I'm against ever getting anything pop culture on a tattoo.  When they're going to be there for your entire life, you have to hope that whatever it is that's being tattooed on your body doesn't ever represent something that you don't stand for.  That's tough when you're getting sports teams, or other brands tattooed.

They're there for life.

That's probably why I can't decide if this is incredible or awful.

For those who don't know, the spud-like buffalo figure is the actual drawing that Josh Allen drew when he was a rookie with the Bills and he was asked to draw the logo from memory.  People love it because it's the Bills, but it's also 100% Josh Allen.  It's awful and awesome at the same time.  It's funny and Bills fans love it.

So that makes the tattoo awesome right?  I mean, the actual tattoo work is amazing.  That's about as close as you can get without Josh Allen actually drawing it on your arm with a tattoo gun.  It's a "Bills for life" attitude and you gotta love that!

But it's also awful because she's going to have to explain that to every single person who doesn't know what it is for the rest of her life.  Also, I know that no Bills fan wants to think about this, but what happens if Josh Allen gets himself into some trouble...or he loses favor with Bills fans because of something that he does.  Does that tattoo now become a bit of a dark mark?  Guess what...if that happens, you're pretty much stuck with it unless you can find a really good cover-up artist.

What do you think?  Best tattoo ever?  Or worst tattoo ever?

Know what?  It can't be the worst ever....that goes to this one:

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