The Oldest Person That Has Ever Gotten A Tattoo?
It's got to hurt to get a tattoo removed, which is why that I have never gotten one before. How do you know that you are going to want it 50 years from now? What if it doesn't mean the same to me later down the road?
Well, one lady does not have to ask herself those questions because she ha…
Most Creative Buffalo Tats
Honestly, these are all interesting, hilarious or ridiculous, but they are all definitely creative.
Now, this is dedication..
Blocked MT @john_kucko: #Bills fan @fearthemoats13 Now has Jim Kelly tattoo to match one of Ralph Wilson pic.twitter.c...
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The Coolest Buffalo, NY-Themed Tattoos [PICTURES]
Buffalonians are pretty passionate people -- especially about their hometown. We love beer, football, hockey, chicken wings and everything 716; and we will permanently put that on our body because that's how proud we are.
Tweet your tattoos with #buffalonytattoo...
Sneak Peek!
Hunter Hayes's new music video for his his infectious hit 'Tattoo' is all about love, but with a secret weapon to try to win a beautiful gal's heart: graffiti. The singer talks about the storyline behind the video and also shares a sneak peek at the ultra-creative project.
Worst Tattoos Ever!
I don't get tattoos because I'm indecisive and I change my mind so quick that I probably wouldn't like it anymore after a few months.

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