Most Creative Buffalo Tats
Honestly, these are all interesting, hilarious or ridiculous, but they are all definitely creative.
Now, this is dedication..
Blocked MT @john_kucko: #Bills fan @fearthemoats13 Now has Jim Kelly tattoo to match one of Ralph Wilson pic...
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The Coolest Buffalo, NY-Themed Tattoos [PICTURES]
Buffalonians are pretty passionate people -- especially about their hometown. We love beer, football, hockey, chicken wings and everything 716; and we will permanently put that on our body because that's how proud we are.
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Worst Tattoos Ever!
I don't get tattoos because I'm indecisive and I change my mind so quick that I probably wouldn't like it anymore after a few months.
man tattoos dogs
Ernesto Rodriguez, an Army veteran and tattoo artist, inked his dogs, Duke and Duchess, with quite the complex design right on their stomachs.
tattoo virgin mad
Do you have a tattoo? And if you do did it hurt? I don't think I would ever get one for a bunch of reasons but, this one kid on his 18th birthday goes with his mom and his friend. The mom doesn't know what to do nor the tattoo artist when the kid cannot take the pain of the needle...

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