There's a new Kickstarter page set up with a very different twist to it.  It's ink for tattoos that can be made with your loved one's hair. read that right.  The ink is made with your loved one's hair so that they can literally be a part of you.

I know when I got my tattoo, it was to always keep the memory alive of my best friend and my dad who passed away within two weeks of each other.  I wanted an opportunity to talk about them as often as possible and to tell their story.  It was kind of my way of keeping them alive in me.

How close would you feel to someone if their carbon footprint could actually become a part of you?

That's the idea with Skin46's latest product.  It's tattoo ink that can be made with the hair of a loved one.  They break the hair down to just the carbon, but it's still part of that person and it can then be a part of you!  A brother, a sister, mom, dad, grandparent, even a pet!

They call it the Love Tattoo Ink.   Want to check it out or join the Kickstarter campaign?  Check it out here.

It's possible that this is one of the craziest crowdfunding campaigns ever.

Would you ever think about doing this?



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