Did you lose a bet to get this tattoo? That is what we asked each of these people that got these tattoos. There are three tattoos that are really bad ideas for people in Buffalo, NY.

When I say bad, I mean, you can do whatever you want, but you are most likely going to regret these in a few years. Over the years we have asked people about some of the best and worst tattoos they have gotten over the years and some of the answers were doozies. The interesting part, though is that some of these wild answers have been given by multiple people!! There's more than 1 of you with tattoos like this?!

We heard they hurt to get removed, so think carefully before you put them on you.

Here are three of the worst tattoos that you can get if you are from Buffalo, even if you had to get them because you lost a bet or something.

1.) Anything with the Buffalo Bills and "Super Bowl winners" and a year on it. Almost all of the people that we heard from with these types of tattoos lost a bet. For example this 2016 - 2017 Buffalo Bills tattoo.

2.)  Anything Tim Hortons related. We all love some Hortons BUT, WHY ARE YOU GETTING THIS DONE TO YOURSELF. Are you really going to look back and think: 'I'm glad I have a cup of coffee tattooed on me" lol

3.) Now, as funny as we all thought this one was. Think about trying to explain this one in 50 years LOL. Of course, the Buffalo Bills Mafia is known for their table-breaking antics, so this guy decided to get it tattooed on his inner elbow, so that way when he bends it, the table appears to "break".

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